Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on past posts

I thought I'd give an update on a few of my past posts:

About yesterday... My 7 year old came home from school perfectly fine! When I picked him up, he was walking down the street with his friends and waved goodbye. He jumped in the car.

"Hi! How was your day?"

"Hi mom! Good."

He questioned if big brother was home. I told him yes and he just said, "I knew it!". That was all. Then he ran off to his friends house to play when we got home. I'm really glad I sent him yesterday. This morning his brother felt better and went to school, but he still tried to tell me that he was going to throw up. When he walked out the door he forgot all about throwing up and was fine.

About my new budget... It's going pretty well. Considering it's Christmas shopping time, I can't worry as much this month because I have to buy presents. But the grocery shopping, wow! I took my calculator with me to the grocery store for the past two weeks and saved a TON of money! Usually my goal is to spend $150/week for my family of 6, but when I actually added up what I spent it was closer to $200! That's $800/month! For the last two weeks I spent only $100. I think that's pretty good. If I keep it up that will be a savings of $400/month. What do others spend on their groceries?

About potty training... My 3 year old is not doing very well at staying dry at night. By the time I go up to bed (which has been pretty late because I'm always on the computer), she's usually already wet. I guess waking her to go has helped, but she still has a way to go.

About my 3 year old getting into everything lately... She all of a sudden is SO much better! I'm relieved. She has been going right to sleep at night, without getting out of bed and going into big sister's room and ruining her stuff. She hasn't sprayed her hair with perfume. She hasn't painted her nails. She hasn't broken her brother's Nintendo DS. Life is good.

Just got to work on 7 year old not hating school, and keeping 3 year old dry at night.


Irene said...

Well, as long as my 6 yo (or 2 yo) isn't hanging around your 3 yo, maybe you will have a little more luck. Not that we actually would want to keep them apart, but they seem to get in a lot less trouble.

I also forgot to tell you that I tried the calculator. It definitely stops and makes you think before throwing something in the cart. I always follow my list, but it is the impulse purchases that will push my bill well over $100. There were a few things that I didn't buy JUST because I really didn't want to add it to my total (and I really didn't need it anyway). I need to keep up with that habit!

Lester R.N. said...

I do only have one child Owen. I love spending time with him! I don't know if we'll have more he is a handful and my husband works nights so it's a lot that falls on me! I am not looking forward to potty training!!!! I have a strange way of grocery shopping. I do one big shopping trip to stock the shelves. Then each week I cut coupons, and look at the sale ads. I only buy what is on sale and sometimes with a coupon and usually end up only spending about $50 or less each week. We do go without extras sometimes if they are not on sale. It works for me but sometimes I just buy what I want when I want the then my budget goes to heck!!!

Kila said...

Heck, my 10 yr old can't stay dry at night most of the time! The youngest that any of my kids stayed dry all night was at age 4.

We spend about $100 a week on groceries, and I honestly don't do a lot of cooking and baking. If I did, it would cost much more. And we don't buy meat since DH is a hunter.

Steph said...

You are doing good...
Good mama

Becky said...

"She hasn't sprayed her hair with perfume...she hasn't painted her nails..." LOL!!

That's great that she seems to have put her 'terrible twos/threes' behind her. Have you been emphasizing her being a "BIG girl" recently? I remember my oldest just sort of went 'cold turkey' on those things about the time we were potty training him, and someone told me that was the reason. When they start hearing what a big boy or big girl they are, they begin trying to reach that bar. But then, it hasn't worked out quite the same with son #2, lol.

Kitty said...

So pleased to hear the 7 year old bounced out of school - they always come out happier than they go in, don't they?

In my experience the kids stay dry at night when their brains are ready to - mine did it at completely different ages.

Take care :-) x

Amy said...

any grocery shopping tips? i don't know if it's that the prices are higher here or what, but i average about $200 a week for four of us, and really don't but a lot of extras. for me, i think the fruit & veggies drive up the total. any advice would be greatly appreciative.
btw, i think our "johns" might be a bit alike! thanks for stopping by my blog!

MAGIRK said...

Sounds like a pretty good day. :-)

We spend about $475 on groceries each month, for a family of 5.

Good luck with the staying dry all night, and getting son to enjoy school!

Amy said...

your 3 year old sounds like a hoot!! glad things are getting a little better, I can't imagine having to chase around 4, 2 keep me busy enough!

Karen said...

So glad he had a better day at school! Good luck with the potty training, that's one job that I dread with a passion. We still have one to go, and no end in sight really.

Groceries. Ugh. We're about where you are, but I'm not sure that I could ever pare it down to $100/wk. Being another family of 6 it just takes so much to feed the flock! I swear, my preteens eat like grown men. Other parents feel compelled to comment on how much they can actually eat.

Cecily R said...

Perfect timing for first time visiting and I get an update!

Potty training is not one of my fortes. My oldest potty trained himself when he was good and ready and not a second before. No amount of bribery or threats mattered one bit to him. My five year old was a whole different kind of challenge. Frankly, I am not looking forward to that stage in my 7 month old's life AT ALL. Good luck!

As far as groceries, I am super impressed with your budgeting! I think we spend more than that and we only have five--none of them teenagers yet. $100 a week is pretty darn good!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love new blog friends!

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