Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Snowy Day

Last night it started to snow a little. The kids couldn't wait. They got their snow pants on, even though the grass was just barely covered. This is what we woke up to today: a lot of snow. Eleven year old happily shoveled the sidewalk before school. One of his jobs is to shovel the sidewalk before and after school in the winter. We have a plow service to do our big driveway, so I don't have to shovel at all anymore!

Last year, I knew I needed new tires. If there was snow on a hill, I just barely could get up it. The road to my son's school is very steep and windy. One time last year, I went to pick the kids up from a dance. I barely got up the hill! All the cars behind me were on my tail, driving up the hill with no problem at all. My husband says I just need to take lessons in how to drive in the snow. I admit, he does have a small point, but I don't believe he could have done much better than me that day. Tonight's agenda: new tires! I'm excited! I'll be able to drive again!

This is my little shed in my yard. Last year I bought two wreaths with red berries to put on the doors. This year I want to put icicle lights around the roof, but I have to figure out a way to string the lights out there, without the kids tripping over the cords. I think it would be so cute! I can see my shed from my mudroom, my kitchen cooking area, and my kitchen tale. Also, you can see the shed when you drive down one of the side streets.

As for my picture taking abilities, I'm now determined to learn more about photography, thanks to Tammy and her beautiful pictures on her blog and Irene for her photo tips. I REALLY don't know much about it, so I'm now going to learn.


Irene said...

Here is a great website/blog for photography. If you look on the sidebar, they have lots of photography tips. I have scoured this site and learned so much!

Bia said...

Everyone is posting the most beautiful photos of snow, while down here in the south the leaves are still falling. Someone, anyone, send us some snow for . . . let's say, Christmas Eve??!! God bless.

Kitty said...

For someone who says they aren't much good with photography those are two beautiful photos! It looks so lovely. :-) x

Anonymous said...

Now, those are two great pictures!
LOVE the shed!

Summer said...

I think those are lovely pictures.
I love photography but my camera is five years old and was never a great camera to begin with. Someday we'll be able to afford a nice camera.

Oh, if you can't figure the Mister Linky out, just leave the link to your treat post in the comments section and I'll add it for you.

Tammy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love your snow pictures. I do miss walking in the snow and taking pictures of it with my mom. But, here in South Texas I sure don't see any of that white stuff any more. I'll enjoy yours from afar!

Becky said...

Beautiful! Love your little shed.

I'm crazy jealous, seeing all these blogs lately with SNOW. We've had the precip, and we've had the cold temps, but never together. Bummer.