Sunday, December 16, 2007

l'm Almost Ready!

Well, I finally feel like I'm ready for Christmas. We just got the tree up this weekend. It looks pretty good. My daughter took this picture with her new camera. Look carefully, there's a present under there for YOU! All my Christmas cards are sent out. I have a few last minute presents to pick up. What does Santa leave in your stockings? I wrapped all my presents. This is the earliest I did my wrapping. I baked some cookies, but I hope to get a lot more baked tomorrow. I don't understand it. I had a whole container filled in the freezer. Now it's only half full! How could that have happened?

I love to watch Christmas movies. I try to see at least one every year around Christmas. I had a couple of movie passes to use by the end of the year, so we went to go see Fred Clause today. It was cute. My 7 year old loved how he rode in the back of the sleigh to go to the North Pole to visit Santa. He wondered how all the elves become elves. My 3 year old got a little bored.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"OK. In a minute. The movie's almost over."

"I have to go pee and poop!"

"Sh! OK."

We went to the bathroom.

"I was just teasing. I don't have to go."

This is why she'll be with grandma when we go see National Treasure 2.

Tonight we watched Survivor . I couldn't believe Todd won! I thought for sure it was Amanda. While we were watching it, my 14 year old asked me if I ever talk to myself. I told her I do. I say things like, "Now, where did I put that...", or "Why did I just do that? That was really dumb." She told me she talks to herself all the time. She said she's getting really good at it now and that she can do it silently in her head. At the bus stop in the morning when everyone's talking to each other, she just has a conversation with herself, and she actually finds herself having fun! "OK then!", I said. I told her I just had to add that to my blog! Isn't that funny?

I keep a notebook next to my bed. I use it kind of like a journal. I don't write down everything that happened that day, just usually short things that I want to remember, like funny things the kids said to me: Do you talk to yourself mom?


Kitty said...

Oh wow! You are so organised! I just posted off my cards this morning, and have some presents wrapped but not all. I have done baking though!

Your tree looks lovely. :-) x

Karen said...

I talk to myself, too. I'm pretty sure it's a sign of brilliance, although my husband is equally sure it's a sign of oncoming dementia.

You can send some cookies my way! I had a day all lined out to do some baking with a friend, then got sick. Now I lack the time. Maybe after the new year.

Irene said...

That was too funny. I am sure you "laughed" at her joke, right? Was that her first movie? I wanted to see that movie, maybe over x-mas vacation.

Kellan said...

"just teasing," are'nt thye just adorable? Glad you are in the spirit - have fun. See you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

Yay! We are going to see National Treasure 2 this weekend, too! It is the only movie that has sparked our interest all year! :)

I can't wait!

denise said...

Your tree is beautiful Maybe I can stop by after the holiday and see it before you take it down. I love the kids ornaments. By the way I'm going to try some of your recipes. I think one was for toffee bar. I'll have to send you the Gooey Butter Cake recipe that I make. I's almost like cheese cake bars.

MAGIRK said...

Your tree looks great! And good job getting all ready by now. I still have a few things going on - neighbor gifts, lunch for 10 people Wednesday, family party on Saturday - I've enjoyed the Season so far.

Hope yours continues to be wonderful! :-)

Amy said...

the tree looks great..I so want to see both of those movies..that's kind of our Christmas Eve tradition

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I LOVE SIXTEEN CANDLES!! Actually, all those movies from the 80's can still stop me dead inmy tracks. DO you remember VALLEY GIRL? One of my all time favorites... :-)


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Maria!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, I love to hear from people! We are kind of "blogging twins" so to speak with the pink, huh? :)
Your children sound so cute, "I was just kidding.", that's too funny! She must have been bored and wanted to check out the rest room for something to do! I think your older daughter is really smart, actually. I think you're way ahead of the game if you like your own company! The fact that she is so comfortable with herself is great! (and doesn't everyone talk to themselves?) I hope it's normal, 'cause I do it ALL the time! :)