Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Cute

These are the toes of my little girl I was upset with. So cute. No bunions, no cracked heals, no bent toes. Just perfectly soft and sweet. I think this is why God makes little ones so cute. After you're mad at them and you look at their little toes, or watch them sleeping, or hear their sweet little voice you forget all about whatever happened.

I decided to take of picture of her toes to always remember them. We have pictures of her at every holiday and every event, but we don't have any pictures of her toes! I tell my oldest that I can barely remember the little toes she had. I think I'll get a picture of her sleeping tonight!


suchsimplepleasures said...

cute little feet. i love kids feet and hands. it's amazing. i used to count the fingers and toes, when they were babies. i would marvel in how perfect they were. it's also amazing to find out that some toes are like yours while some are like the dads. sweat shirt! something cool for the kids to do over thanksgiving break...decorate a hoodie!

Summer said...

I love teeny fingers and toes!

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