Monday, November 26, 2007

The Kids Are Fighting! (again)

Today was the last day off of school for my kids from their Thanksgiving break. I actually love it when they're home. They talk to me all day. They want me to play games and watch movies with them. I truly enjoy being with all 4 of them.

Today was not as fun as I usually like it to be. I had a ton of things to do (go to the library, the bank, piles of laundry, make some phone calls, etc). This is when the problems started. I gave each of them a job to do. 13 year old - clean up the kitchen, 11 year old - pick up his room and basement, 7 year old - pick up his room and the basement, also, and 3 year old - help clean up the basement. Then I went to go on some errands. My phone rings, "Mom, everyone's fighting and no one's cleaning up!" "OK", I try to say as quietly as I can in the library, "Tell (11 year old) to finish cleaning up and you play a game with (3 year old)". "OK. Can we make brownies?" "YES!" I figured it would give them something to do that wouldn't involve fighting.

I got home, not too bad. Everything was pretty clean, but, evertime I went to do another job of mine, FIGHTING! 3 year old is screaming in the basement. 7 year old is teasing her.

I decided to take a breath and play with 3 year old. It's amazing how good they are when you give them your complete attention and play with them. But, how do you get anything done? OK, everything is calmed down now, back to making dinner. More fighting! Do you ever have a day that you can't wait until all the kids are in bed asleep and the house is quiet? I couldn't wait today. This was suppose to be our fun day!

I hate to call 7 year old difficult. It sounds so negative. I prefer spirited. It's a prettier word. It seems like the fighting matches always happen to be in the room that he is in! TIME FOR BED!

At the end of the night, husband grabs the 3 year old and heads off to bed. I got the 7 year old. Hurry up. Don't do that. It's late. Get in bed. We finally are actually getting the kids IN their beds. I take a deep breath, "OK, do you want to read to me tonight? I'll find a book for you." The spirited child replies, "No mom. I want you to read me a Bible story." My frustration is gone. The kid who was driving me crazy all day wants me to read his favorite Bible stories to him! "Yes, I can read two." Gotta love him! This is when I sit back and think about what went wrong today, and make sure tomorrow will be better.


Steph said...

Oh yes do I have days like that! Good to know I'm not the only one. I love that they are so good when you play with them, all they want is attention huh?
I hope they are better for you on their next day off!

Becky said...

Awww, that just melts a mom's heart, doesn't it?

Zoe said...

ha cade got me like that at target the other day. he was driving me crazy and when we stopped to look at the books he picked up a children's bible stories and begged for it. he got it...snotty attitude and all.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i think we are living parallel lives. your house sounds so much like mine. only, i don't have 13 year olds to leave my 3 year old at home with. so, when i run errands, the 3 year old comes with. and, inevitably, the chores that i had assigned...not done. kids are in the basement playing video games. but, other than that...parallel lives!

Scribbit said...

I had a great weekend with my kids, loved having them around but they reached a level of boredom at some point Sunday afternoon that nearly drove me crazy. I'm SO glad they're back in.

Valarie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, this does sound a lot like my children...only mine are like that EVERYDAY! I love that you called it spirited. My boys are both "spirited" as well. I think mine both just happened to hit a "spirited" phase at the same time.
We seem to have a lot in common....I will definitely be checking back! :)