Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm happy God Made Us

Just a quick story to tell you about what my 7 year old said to us today:

Son - "Aren't you happy God made us?"

Me - "Yes, I'm happy."

Son - "I'm happy, too."

Then we started talking about where would we be if God didn't make us. Son said we wouldn't even know we weren't here! We wouldn't be anywhere!

So sweet. I guess he was having a good day, and not, "the worst day of my life!"

My mom always said it's not quality time that's important, it's quantity! I wouldn't have had that moment if I wasn't around him enough (we were just cleaning up from dinner). Also, I think, any time with your kids is quality time. Just riding in the car, eating dinner, helping kids with their homework, putting them to bed, EVERYTHING can be quality time.


Kitty said...

It's lovely when they say little things like that, isn't it? I showed my son something I'd made for him yesterday - it was only half made. He looked at it, grinned and just said 'I love you!' It was a moment to treasure. :-D

Zoe said...

thats sweet!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I totally agree with quantity over quality for kids. I think it is almost impossible for there to be quality without the quantity because if you haven't been around the kids in awhile they don't know how to talk to you.