Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

Will it be a Happy New Years? I sure hope so. I'm probably the only one who doesn't embrace the new year with hope and excitement. I always get a sick little feeling inside of me when I think of it. I think of all the sad things that happened last year, all the people I know that were diagnosed with diseases. What is going to happen this year? Will there be any natural disasters?

I know, I know, I shouldn't even think this way. We're not supposed to think this way. We should be happy and think of the wonderful things that could and will happen. I really need to work on this. My brother-in-law just announced he's getting married. Maybe someone I know will have a baby. My daughter will start high school this year and I think she will do great there. My youngest will start preschool and she can't wait to go. (These last two are also on the negative list.)

I usually don't have a New Year's resolution. This year I an going to just make a short list of some of things I want to accomplish. I need to do this every once in a while. New Year's is a good time to reflect on what changes I want to make each year. So here are a few:
  1. Lose weight. Like everyone else in the world. I need to get back on track a little better. I want to get in a little exercise every day. I need to evaluate my eating and eat better. I want to lose at least 5 pounds right away, then maybe work on a few more after that. Last year I stepped on the scale and realized I had gained 10 pounds. I decided I had to lose weight and fast so I watched every single thing I ate until I lost it. I only drank water for the first week or so and didn't eat one bite of anything between meals. It worked. My weight is only up a couple pounds since then, but I know I can do it as I did before.I just read some tips on MSN on losing weight to get me motivated.

  2. See old friends. I make out Christmas cards to all my old friends, but I really need to call them more. I need to make plans to go out to lunch with them (a low fat lunch, of course). I get caught up in what needs to get done around the house and the kids. I miss a lot of my old friends.

  3. Read more books. I don't read as much as I want to. I stay up too late at night blogging! I actually love to read while I ride my exercise bike, so I'm going to make sure I do more of that. I have a bunch of books I want to read this year.

  4. Make a new layout for my blog. I'm getting bored with how my blog looks. I'm going to put some kind of pictures on it. I just need to figure out exactly what I want, then actually do it.

  5. Learn to take better pictures. This is so time consuming for me, but I'm going to find a way to fit it in. I want to learn how to use every function on my camera (I have to find my book for this), and learn more photography tips. I also need to organize all my pictures I have.

Now that I have a list of at least some of things I want to accomplish this year written in my blog, I can go back to it halfway through the year and remind myself of it. I know if I don't even make a list, there will be even less of a chance that I'll do these things. What are some of the things you want to do this year?


Kitty said...

Happy New Year Maria! I wish you luck with your resolutions, and look forward to seeing the photographs and 'new look' blog. x

Becky said...

Happy, Happy New Year, Maria!

There are some great photography tip sites online. Sometimes you can google them up with the make and model of your camera, but there may be a site for your specific camera that would have helpful hits, troubleshooting for problems, etc.

May your New Year bring respite from the trials of life, and that same sense of promise that is in the air in the Spring. A new beginning and lots of wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Amy said...

great resoltions Maria! I want to do something with my blog too, just not sure what yet. The passing of another year makes me nostalgic too, like time slipping away, but I try not to focus too much on that and more on trying to focus on the positive..(one of my resolutions..lol..:-) )

Karen said...

Happy New Year! It's good to start with a list, at least you have goals.

Amy said...

good luck, maria! happy new year to you and your family!

Tina )Smoochiefrog) said...

Happy New Year to ya! I don't do resolutions, but good luck with yours.

P.S. I tagged ya!

Leah said...

Looks like you've got a good list going! I tend not to make any resolutions because then I just feel like a failure when I drop the ball later in the year and slack off on whatever it was I said I'd do (lose weight, get more organized, take some time for myself, stick to a tighter budget, etc). It's just easier to not set myself up for disappointment and failure. And then, if any of the stuff ends up working out, it's a pleasant surprise. LOL!!!!

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment!!! LOVE the pink on your site!!

Steph said...

I wish you a wonderful New Year and the whole 2008 year! I really hope it's good for you!

Kellan said...

I also go into a New Year with a bit of trepidation - I always feel so much stress to get started right away getting things done. It's nice that the kids are all home this week to help with some things and also to keep me from going crazy attacking major projects! There is a lot of stress that comes with a New Year - I agree.

Happy New Year to you Maria - I hope it is the best ever for all of us! Kellan

Zoe said...

happy new year!!! good luck with the resolutions!

GrandmaK said...

My only resolution this year was to improve on what I failed to accomplish last year...A knitted poncho 3/4 finished and two counted x-stitch pieces, one of which I have been laboring over for two years now. God Bless and Good Day! Cathy

denise said...

I feel just like you and your sister at the start of the New Year. It seems like everyone embraces it, but I dread it. I can help but think of all the bad things that have already happened and what may happen in the new year. This year I have decided to make different. I am really going to try and make positive changes in my life. I don't feel like it's just lip service this time, I really want to do it. By the way I am hoping I am on your list for lunch (salad)! Happy New Years!!!