Sunday, March 2, 2008

Family Traditions

Most everyone has some kind of family traditions. One of our's is dinner at Baba's (my mom's). We go there almost every Sunday. Tonight was pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad, veggies, and yes, wings on the side made especially by request by my son. For dessert was my other son's favorite, "The Most Dicious (delicious) Cake", chocolate cake with chocolate sour cream frosting. Usually it's the six of us, my cousin, my aunt, and my parents. Sometimes my sister and her five will be in town, too.

Tonight, though, my oldest two weren't there. They were snowboarding probably for the last time this season.
We brought home the leftovers and they SCARFED it ALL UP! After snowboarding all day with nothing to eat, they were starving.

These Sunday dinner's have become pretty regular over the past couple of years. My cousin and aunt really look forward to it. I've gotten to know my cousin a lot better because of them. I'm pretty lucky that my husband likes going there as much as I do. Well, who wouldn't? Lots of good food and cold beer in the fridge waiting for him? I guess this is what my mom meant when she said she didn't want me moving out of town when I grew up. These dinners wouldn't exist if I had. She wanted a family that would always be around, not just for the holidays. Now I'm pushing this idea on my own kids.

Bia said she also has the Sunday dinners at her mom's. I thought about her tonight. My daughter told me we're just like Gilmore Girls who eat dinner at the grandmother's house every Friday night. I hope this tradition will continue, at least at my house someday, with my own kids and grandkids.

The worst part, I ALWAYS overeat! I never can step on the scale the next day. I'm too afraid! Just a small thing to put up with, compared to what we all get out of it. So what are some of your family's traditions?
Oh, and about my son's spelling test on Friday, would you believe he actually got 7/8 correct?


Bia said...

Kudos to your son!

I was thinking about you, too, today! I love these Sunday family dinners with the food, the confusion, and all the great laughter!

And think of all the great memories we are creating for our children!

God bless, and have a wonderful week!

Becky said...

That's really neat that your mom includes your aunt and cousin, too. Those are great memories for the kiddos.

We live smack dab in the middle of most of my in-laws. We try to have my mother-in-law over for dinner every week or two (not necessarily on a Sunday), and a couple of her daughters and a granddaughter living nearby supply her with food. But every so often, she'll plan a big Sunday dinner and cook for the whole gang.

One of our special traditions is breakfast in bed for the Birthday person, or for Father's or Mother's day...and then they get to pick whatever they want for that nights dinner.

Dawn said...

Yum, that sounds like a great tradition! I want my kids to stick around when they grow up also. I just love it when my daughter tells me she wants me to live with her when she grows up (we'll see how she feels in a few years :) My kids look forward to "Grandma/Grandpa day" almost every Friday.
That's great news about your son's spelling test.

OHmommy said...

What a blessing to live so close to family and enjoy traditions like this. I miss my family! I would LOVE to over eat with them.

Karen said...

Traditions are fun things. How wonderful that you're including many generations in yours. The kids will look back on these days fondly.

Amy said...

though we don't have set times to get together, when we do it's usually to eat. i love when we go to my sister lisa's house and every one brings their new recipe or favorite thing. it is so much fun!!! i love wathcing the kids play! i am so grateful to be near my family (well most of the time! LOL)

Kelly Malloy said...

What a wonderful tradition!

Magirk said...

Hooray for the spelling test! :D

Those dinners sound like such a nice, pleasant tradition. I wish my family had things like that.

The food sounds AWESOME! And it's nice to have those memories. :)

Deb in OPKS said...

Just yesterday I was filling out something for Diva's Spotlight Week and it had family traditions. I couldn't really think of any. Your's sounds like fun. All my family (5 siblings) live in the area and I love it. We do get together every year to color Easter eggs and that is a lot of fun. It started when there were only 2 grandkids and now there are 10. It gets pretty crazy!

Lester R.N. said...

Hey Maria! I was planning on blogging tonight. I was still fighting my horrible cold, I have been working so much and it was just busy busy busy the last few weeks. I hope it is going to calm down but now Owen sprained his ankle and going to see the doctor today!!!
Thanks for checking on me!!!

Kitty said...

Yay! For your son - well done him.

I love Sunday family get-togethers - glad you all enjoy them too. x

Leah said...

when my BIL got sent to Iraq for a year in April 2003, my IL's started inviting us down for dinner on Sunday nights. My BIL's been back for four years now and we're still doing our Sunday dinners. The kids love it, and it's such a nice change of pace for all of us. I love that the kids have that extra time around their grandparents, because I never really knew any of my grandparents all that well. That's definately not the case with my children and their grandparents!!

Glad you guys had such a nice time!

Amy said...

WTG on the spelling test! YAY!! I think it's so great that you guys go to your mom's for dinner every Sunday...we've never lived close to any family on either side so it's always been just us...

Kellan said...

What a nice tradition - I love Sunday dinners! I want to go to Baba's and have pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad, veggies and yes, wings on the side made especially by request by your son!! Tee Hee - no really I do want to go!

Have a good Tuesday - See you later. Kellan

Congrats on the spelling test - WOO HOO!