Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm mommy to 4 great kids. I have a daughter 13, son 11, son 7, and daughter 3. Each one has such different personalities! I love their differences. I now understand why people would always tell me, "Just wait till they become teenagers!" I found out why.

I like sharing what works for me and hearing ideas from other parents about their favorite tips.

The current discussion in our house is Myspace! I hate it! Don't get me wrong. I completely understand why kids want it and would probably want it too if I was a teenager today. My daughter wants one and I finally gave in. Did you ever go on your kids myspace? I had a heart attack! Hers was fine but other kids post the most terrible things. After much pleading, daughter promised she would have only 4 friends, she would not look at her friends' friends' sites, I will look at it whenever I want, and if her friends post anything obsene it's done. I actually like what one of her friend's mother did about it. She has her own myspace and he is her #1 friend. She is also his #1 friend. She can look at his anytime she wants to. What kid would post something inappropriate with his mother's picture looking down at him from his #1 spot? My husband thinks I'm crazy for letting her. We'll see what happens!

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